Made It Out Alive

by Elk Ears

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Recorded summer 2013 in The Den on Bainbridge Island, Washington.


released August 15, 2013

Elk Ears is Ryan, Spencer, and Henry.

Recorded by Brendan Silk. Mixed by Henry Atherton. Mastered for digital by Henry Atherton. Mastered for tape by National Audio Company.

Guest vocals by Owen Barabasz, David LeMay, Kyle "Ricky" Delany, J.C. Mercer.

Thanks to Robbi P, Jacob W, and Andy M for helping us get started. HUGE thanks to KC for the artwork.



all rights reserved


Elk Ears Bainbridge Island, Washington

Stages are for squares.

Ryan plays guitar and sings sometimes.
Henry plays bass and tries to sing.
Matt beats on drums.

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Track Name: No, Listen
I don't lie that often, at least not to you. At least with me you can guarantee that my words are fucking true. I don't know if you hear me, or if you're even listening. Do I even have a chance? Just please fucking tell me. So I know. Save me the trouble of promising twice.
Track Name: Make It
There are days where I feel like, that I'm right where I'm supposed to be, that I'm finally the right path. And my friends, yeah they surround me. And I'm happy things are going right and maybe I will make it through tonight. Until I sleep, where my dreams are haunted by the things I never kept out. Like those monsters under my bed or those shadows over head. Like that chopper quickly chasing me, I'm screaming like a madman and I'm thinking... "Well maybe I'm not alright, but I'm doin' just fine. Yeah maybe I'm not alright, but I'll make it just fine." Yeah I made it out alive.
Track Name: There's A Fire Extinguisher In My Car
I can't remember the last time we talked. You were too drunk to stand, I was too drunk to talk. I can wait here for awhile. I can't wait here anymore. I can't be close. I'd prefer to know what I'm getting into. I'd rather know I'll be disappointed. I can wait here for awhile. I can't wait here anymore. I can't be close.
Track Name: Half Drunk Sleep Talk
I had too much to drink that night when she said, "Hey, lets go to bed." I never thought I'd hear those words, that "I'm not alright." And the worst part, still yet to come. While you're still breathing, I'm not alone. And it came out that night, in mutters under your breath. Still half asleep, still half dreaming. "Listen to me," she whispered to me, "You're not half the man that I thought you were." And the worst part, still yet to come. While you're still dreaming, it's time to go. And as I walk to my car, I knew that things would never be the same. Not ever again.